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Ecopower Electrical is a company dedicated on offering a range of renewable solutions. Electric Vehicles (EV) is the future, and we want to make it simple for you to install and buy electric vehicle chargers or EV Chargers.

Bonus, EV chargers pair completely with solar energy systems and solar storage batteries. With solar energy stored up during the day, you can draw it straight from your battery to recharge your EV when you get home. The comfort of having an EV charger at home means you seldom have to stop at a gas station to charge your car. All you need to do is plug it in the car, adjust your charging schedule via your charger’s app to suit your needs, go to sleep and not worry about the price of fuel. This type of convenience can’t be paired by using a public charging station. It will be like having a petrol station at home, but cheaper, more reliable, better for the environment and without the fumes.


Protect the future of the environment by installing clean, green power and reducing your carbon footprint.


Producing your own energy, you are reducing the amount of electricity you need to purchase off the grid.


Eligible to a tariff for the sale of any excess power sold back to the grid.


Low maintenance with the cleaning and regular health checks by a licensed electrical contractor

Benefits of a home EV charger


Not all public EV chargers are compatible with all electric vehicles. Having one at home means that you can select one with certainty that it will function with your electric vehicle of choice.

Boosted property value

When the time comes to move from your home, having an electric vehicle charger installed can be a very attractive incentive, especially as they become more and more popular, so even when you might be moving away, the electric vehicle charger still proves to be a positive investment.

Cheaper running costs

After the cost of the initial installation, electric car charging costs at home may be cheaper in the long run than public charging stations and petrol costs. Plus, saves time waiting around at public charge stations

Smart technology

Home EV charging units plug directly into the electric vehicle and include features such as LCD screens, live feedback, and integration with smart apps. Installations include full commissioning with the app, so that you are ready to plug and charge.



Having an electric car charger gives you control over when you charge, in the convenience of your own home. There is no need to rely on public charging stations.

Free power

Using the free power generated from your solar energy system and solar storage batteries.

EV Range

We offer a range of EV chargers of varied sizes and brands but not limited, to accommodate all households new home builds as well as existing homes.

EV are now more affordable with our available finance options!


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