Goodwe – Lynx Home U Series

GoodWe – Lynx Home U Series

GoodWe’s Lynx Home U Series is especially designed for residential applications with superior performance, super safe battery technology, user-friendly interaction and optimizes cost performance thanks to its expandable modular design. Goodwe battery systems include a 5.4 – 32.4 kWh low voltage battery, a 6.6 – 16.4 kWh high voltage battery, and a 7.7 – 20.5 kWh high voltage battery. We can design and install a Goodwe solar battery solution tailored to your specific requirements. Pair your Goodwe Solar Battery with a hybrid Goodwe Solar Inverter and you’ve got an economical plug-n-play solution for 24/7 solar power.

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  • Industry-leading hybrid inverter and battery technology
  • Sizeable to maximum 32.4kWh (6 x 5.4kWh)
  • Up to 98.2% maximum system efficiency solar inverters
  • Great User Experience

10 Year Warranty

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