Red Earth – Sunrise Maxi

Redearth – Sunrise Maxi

RedEarth’s SunRise Maxi energy storage system is designed to be fully independent and provide solar and battery power in the most efficient way possible.

With an outdoor rating that means it can be installed outside, SunRise Maxi can be retrofitted to your existing solar system. The system is scalable, so you can start small and add more batteries to it later as your needs grow, and budget allows.


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  • Scalable solution
  • Withstand Australia’s variable weather conditions – placed non-invasively inside or outside
  • High-grade LG lithium-ion battery modules
  • DC or AC coupled
  • RedEarth Remote 4G Monitoring from your mobile device
  • Designed, manufactured, and tested in Australia
  • Supplied pre-wired and fully tested in a secure temperature-controlled enclosure
  • Easy installation -All in one system – plug-and-play process
  • made of powder-coated aluminium and steel.
  • From 0 to 32.5kWh capacity battery size

10 Year Warranty

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