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Ecopower Electrical Pty Ltd are certified solar designers and installers. We are registered with Australia’s Clean Energy Council, so you can trust us with your solar. We take care of our solar residential or commercial customers from beginning to end. This includes design, installation and maintenance. Furthermore, our solar designs can also be built to be compatible with battery storage which will ultimately decrease your electricity costs.

How does it work? Put simply, solar panels take in the sun’s energy and convert into electricity. The electricity your solar system generates then powers your appliances within your home. Any excess electricity is recorded by your meter and fed back into the national electrical network or ‘grid’. At night, or if your demand exceeds what your home is generating, power is then drawn from the grid. Australia is the perfect climate for efficient solar panel operation. Let us asses your home and business to find the right solar solution for you.


1. Consultation

We discuss the best solar system option with you, and evaluate your energy needs to establish the correct size and products for you.

2. Design & Installation

After we establish the right system for your energy requirements, we design it to provide for maximum performance to achieve greater savings, reliability and safety.

On installation day, depending if it’s residential or commercial, your solar system will be up and running within as little as 6-8 hours or as much as 2-4 days, depending on the size of the job. Once completed, we explain how the system works and how to maintain and monitor it.

3. REC (Renewable Energy Certificates-rebate) Registry

We obtain rebates approval to ensure a simplistic transition from your energy investment into future running costs of your home or business.

4. Distributor/ Retailer

After completion, we submit the necessary paperwork to your current Distributor/Retailer, and they take over by arranging a meter change for your solar control. A change-over meter is out of our control, but we can assist in the transition to ensure a fast and easy process.

5. Cleaning

Once the solar system is operational, we can’t emphasis enough the significance of regularly cleaning your solar panels. Solar panels maximize return and efficiency when they are free from dirt and dust.


We can offer you a custom battery solution based on your home or business needs.

Providing the following benefits:
1. Minimise your dependency on the grid.
2. Reduce your carbon footprint.
3. Store and save solar energy leading to lower electricity bills.
4. Utilizing more solar generated by the panels instead to sending it to the grid.
5. Having a backup to keep select appliances running in the event of a power outage.
6. Impress your friends – great conversation topic making you the talk of the town.
7. Help build the future grid of energy generation and distribution.
8. Increase in property value – a solid investment.

Wondering where or how to get started in making your home/business more energy efficient and sustainable? Here are a few simple ways you can save energy, cost and bring positive changes into your environment.

1. Limit artificial lights and use free natural light.

2. Choose energy efficient light bulbs (Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) or Light emitting diode (LED).

3. Use energy saving features of all devices to help cut energy costs.

4. If possible, upgrade all outdated equipment/appliance as they could no longer be working at their maximum efficiency, drawing unnecessary power and costing you money.

5. Switch off equipment/appliances when not in use. These electrical devices continue to drain power even if they are plugged in. This is sometimes called standby energy consumption. This type of energy consumption adds dollars to annual electricity bills.

6. Turn off lights when not using a room.

7. Control your heating and cooling. Don’t make drastic air conditioning changes between the temperature outside and the one in your home/business. Summer – the ideal setting is 24 degrees C, and no lower than 22 degrees, each degree under uses 5% more energy. Winter – set your heater to 18-20-degree C, each degree over 20°C uses around 10% more energy.

8. Consider installing solar panels.

9. Have your air conditioner and solar system regularly maintained and cleaned.

10. Maintain and service Hot Water Systems regularly.

Should you require direction on these ways, we will happily offer advisory service on “where” and “how” on energy saving ideas. 

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Ecopower Electrical Pty Ltd is an electrical contractor with over 25 year’s experience in commercial and domestic electrical services.

We place a high priority on quality and safety, using only reputable products bought through reliable suppliers. We are the local electricians you can trust and rely on.

We service Gold Coast, Northern NSW, Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.



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