When choosing an air conditioning system for your home, you will most likely get stuck deciding between split systems and ducted systems. How do you know what system is the best one for your house? Finding an air conditioning system that fits your home, lifestyle, and budget will play a big role in your decision. 

Your AC system should be customised to your property’s orientation and floor plan. It must fit into your lifestyle and budget and meet the challenges posed by your area’s distinct climate conditions. These are all crucial factors to consider when picking between a split system and a ducted air conditioning system.

Below is a more detailed inspection of the two air conditioning systems to help you reach an informed decision.

What’s a Split System?

A split system is an air conditioning system in which a portion of the system (the condenser) is positioned outside the home, typically on an exterior wall. The latter half, or head unit, is installed against an interior wall or on its own as a free-standing unit.

Maybe Split System Is the Right Fit for You

One of the key benefits of a split system is that it is less expensive to purchase than a ducted system and can only be installed in one room at a time. For example, you can start with a primary living room and build other units as your budget allows. Split systems are also your best option if you live in an apartment or a home with two levels because ducting between them is impossible to construct. 

Split systems are more cost-effective than ducted systems in smaller homes or where only one room requires air conditioning. Generally, a split system is controlled by remote, giving you complete control over the temperature of the zone or room. A split system is also less expensive to install and run than a ducted system.

What’s a Ducted System?

How is a ducted air conditioning system different from a split system? The entire ducted unit is hidden, usually in the roof space of your home or outside the home in an unobtrusive location. The chilled air is then distributed throughout the structure through a disguised ducting system to various rooms or zones. Only the vents can be seen.

Maybe You’d Be More Comfortable with a Ducted System

The cost of a ducted air conditioning system is higher than that of a split system. However, its main benefit is that it cools your entire home uniformly. It is thermostatically controlled and allows you to keep a consistent temperature throughout. Maintaining a consistent temperature is beneficial to your flooring, furnishings, and pets.

Some ducted systems, like split systems, can also be reverse cycle units that heat your home in the winter. You can avoid the added cost of building a heating system and the necessity for multiple ducts in each room by opting for a ducted reverse cycle system. This leads to more appealing yet more expensive results.

A ducted system makes sense where you’re to stay in a property for a long time because it is quieter and more efficient when in use. While there is a higher initial expenditure, you have a better possibility of recovering your costs over time.


As a homeowner, It’s important to choose the correct air conditioning system for you and your needs. The smart move is to invest in an air conditioning system that will maximise energy efficiency while also adding value to your home.

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